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2.“Yerevan: People and Stories”

Script writer and director Grigor Harutyunyan

Cameraman Samvel Babasyan

Khachatur Iskandaryan was a sculptor, born in Yerevan 90 years ago. He saw old Yerevan- dusty and made of clay, with gnarled streets, humble and poor citizens, the market, called “Ghantari tak”, the 1st tram in Astafyan street. The city was changing in front of his eyes- construction everywhere around, squares, blocks of flats, factories… But most of all his memories are full of people, who were the faces of our nation and city (Avetiq Isahakyan, Charents, Shiraz, Khanjyan…) He immortalized them all in his sculptures, which, with their small sizes, never overshadowed the posers. As the city grows up, together with it the sculptor gets older, whose memories are closely connected with Yerevan. All the seasons introduced in the film to symbolize the years the sculptor lived- adolescence, youth, senility.